Domain Register & Web Hosting

The Economy and Business are our shared web hosting plans designed for small personal to medium business website offering performance and stability at a reasonable price.

The First-Class plan is our single site VPS solution. This in our heavyweight lifter for corporate and high load website making in the ideal choice when you need your site to perform at its best.

With our Smart VPS and Smart VPS Pro plans, you can host an unlimited number of websites under single hosting account. You can scale each sub account based on the requirements of you project.

All Hosting Plans Come with Email
All of our plan come with an email service with all the features you could ask for. You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes under your domain set up mailing list, autoresponder, email forwarders. You can access the mailboxes with an email client POP3 and IMAP and also via the Webmail. The email service includes powerful antispam.

Powerful Antispam Tools
• Real-time blocking lists
• SpamDyle/graylisting
• Spam Assassin
• Custom Email Filters
• White and Block Listing
• Antivirus

Email Backups to Rescue
Have you accidentally deleted a message or messages are simply missing and you are not sure why? Don’t worry. Our email backup is always available. You can easily recover missing email message from the system backups via the Restore tool in the Control Panel

Free SSL Certificates with Every Hosting Account
We offer free SSL certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt with all our hosting plans. These certificates are issued and activated with a single click in the Control Panel of your account. Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL certificates use the same encryption methods and strength as commercial certificates. The main differences are in the validity period of the certificates (Let’s Encrypt certificates are issued for a period of 90 days), and the additional extras commercial certificates offer (such as site seals, or warranty of misuse). The renewal process for Let’s Encrypt certificates is fully automated on our servers, so once you activate a certificate, your website will stay secured until you deactivate it. The certificate will be automatically renewed when needed.