IT Consulting

In today’s world, technology is no longer considered as a “nice-to-have” option for many businesses. In fact, technology has become a key factor to the success of a business.

The key to gaining maximum advantage of using technology lies in the integration of the technology with the business. Companies that expect too much from the technology alone would not get the results they want to see.

We at realize that technology alone cannot help you make improvements. In order to create value, technology must be aligned other aspects in business: People and Process.

We have a distinguished approach to maximizing the use of technology in organizations. We view the application of technology in two ways.

Problem-to-technology approach. We analyze management problem and seek appropriate technology to solve that specific problem. This approach works best when the problem is obvious and applying technology seems to be the only way out.
Technology-to-problem approach. With our knowledge and experience in using technology, we would analyze what problems can be solved by applying a specific technology.This innovative approach can bring valuable results to businesses.

We focus our IT consulting services in the following areas:

Information technology review
Many organizations are wondering if their investment in IT delivers the expected results. Some are questioning the effectiveness of their IT department. BSC can help you review your IT function in terms of effectiveness and efficiency therefore providing useful information on the health of the current IT functions and the solutions that need to be made.

Software selection
Selecting suitable software for your business, from accounting to manufacturing to full ERP systems.

Software implementation
Choosing the right package is just the beginning. Implementing the software is where you integrate the technology features and the business processes to gain value for your business. Our know-how in implementing a complicated implementation assures you that the integration process goes smoothly. In order to provide higher value for you, we have formed strategic alliance with software vendors. This allows us to provide you with a packaged solutions.

Software development
In cases where the software packages cannot accommodate your unique processes, we can help by developing add-on modules that can be integrated to existing software package. Or, if necessary, we could develop a full-blown application for your business. Our Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology allows us to deliver quality application with a minimum development time. We also make use of the latest technology such as, like object-oriented design and client/server technology, to deliver solid results for your business.