Server Installation & Configuration

A trusted and experienced local server installation company.
We provide installation, upgrade and migration services to local organisations that are looking for a trusted and accredited IT services organisation to successfully plan and deliver their next server project with minimal downtime and within budget.
We undertake server projects of all types and sizes, from single tower server installations to a full business array. We also deliver Cloud adoption projects, taking full ownership of your successful transition from on-premise IT systems to one or more Cloud services.

End-to-end server installation services.
We provide fully managed services to organisations that don’t have an in-house resource to plan, design and deploy their next server project.

We can help your business make a successful transition to the Cloud.
We also specialise in delivering Cloud adoption projects, successfully guiding your business through the process of switching from on premise IT systems to one or more dedicated Cloud-based services.
In addition.
Our cloud adoption services are also perfect for businesses that are looking to fully embrace the hybrid workplace model, allowing their staff to safely and securely at the office, from home or any other locations!

We will rescue your failing server project.
If your existing server upgrade project has run into difficulties, then we can help!
Our professional IT consultants can act in an advisory capacity, providing expert advice to your internal IT expert/IT Department, or we can take full ownership of your project. Whatever your requirements, we’ll ensure a successful outcome.

We have a broad range of server installation knowledge, skills and experience.
• Server hardware – installation and configuration of all brands
• Windows server upgrade and migration services
• Cloud adoption project management and hybrid workforce transition services
• Server software installation and configuration – including Windows, Microsoft Exchange and SQL server
• Active Directory – setup and configuration
• Cyber security – including policies, permissions, Firewalls appliances, Anti-virus and Malware
• General network administration – including printers and file sharing
• Remote connectivity – including Terminal Server and VPN configuration
• Data storage, backup and continuity – including RAID setup, backup tape drive installation, online backup solutions and data migration/archiving

What servers can we install and configure?
• The latest Windows servers
• Mail servers (Microsoft Exchange)
• Web and FTP servers
• Application and database servers
• Communications servers
• Virtual private and dedicated servers (VMWare-Hyper-V)